Outperforming Expectations With One Source Management

At Key Community Management, our focus is on quality service with attention to detail.  Our staff’s collective experience of managing communities and serving on association boards has taught us that bigger does not always mean better. By design, our community managers each maintain a small number of communities in their portfolio so they can adequately provide their communities with the attention and time needed for effective management. Managers work closely with our Leadership Team for support of their community’s needs. Our Leadership Team continues to look outside the box for creative, better and faster service solutions.

Key Community Management’s Leadership Team is made up of four business professionals with more than 50 years’ of collective experience working with community associations. They provide support and training to the community managers daily. The community managers stay involved and oversee all aspects of their community’s needs, while utilizing the internal support and resources to get the job done. Board members and homeowners are not directed to various departments to get the support they need. Your community manager is your primary point of contact because we find that is what works best.


Our Leadership Team:


Cyndi Sullivan, co-owner and Vice President, oversees the training, accounting and transition aspects of the company. She works closely with each community manager providing guidance on various issues.







Diana Kennedy is Director of the Legal Resources Department, which includes manager training regarding association legal matters, assisting with legal and collection issues and serving as the liaison with local law firms. She also offers sessions for board members to learn about the many aspects of association governing documents, state statutes and corporate responsibility based on her past and ongoing training from attorneys that specialize in association law.






Jennifer Bowen is our Operations Manager. She oversees the HR responsibilities and assists in the training and support of the staff. Jennifer’s passion is assuring that each manager stays encouraged and equipped with the tools for success.







Tim Sullivan, co-owner and President, is responsible for the day to day  operations of Key Community Management. He makes sure Key has the internal and external cutting edge vendor resources to make the company run smoothly for the benefit of the communities we manage. Tim also oversees new client relations.