Key CMI: A Different Style of HOA Management Company

How Is Key Community Management Different?

At Key Community Management, making a difference involves providing high quality association management to communities which includes are relentless pursuit of customer service. Providing better service starts with providing better information through enhanced marketing material, the addition of quality staff members, upgrading our systems and increasing the size of our corporate office.

We know board members would like to see the difference between management cultures before considering interviewing a new management company. Our comparison below is facts based, and I believe you will feel confident after reviewing our processes for success vs. your current service provider, that we have met your expectation for a meeting.

The first set of facts I would like to provide is a step by step comparison of two different corporate cultures:

    Current Management Company           

  • Staff multiple departments
  • Communities subsidize multiply offices
  • They use a department based approach
  • They subcontract site inspections
  • Emergency calls go to a call center
  • All legal concerns are attorney directed
  • No oversight on invoice payment
  • Invoices have limited storage
  • Management company owns website
  • Managers service 15-20 communities
  • Questions are directed to voicemail
  • Payment history controlled by accounting
  • Limited board training, if any

    Key Community Management 

  • We staff four manager focused departments
  • We have one main office
  • Our property manager is your main contact
  • Our managers are in full control of violations
  • We staff our 24 hr. emergency line
  • We staff a legal resources department
  • Treasurer reviews/approves all invoices
  • We store invoices for 7 years in cloud
  • We provide a community owned site
  • Our managers service 8-10 communities
  • Questions are answered by front desk
  • Manager responsibility with less errors
  • Annual board training at no charge

These are important comparisons because these decisions directly affect owners’ desire for information, owner balance oversight and cost control. We have also found that reviews on social media are an indicator of the management company’s ability to satisfy the simple questions, follow up on projects and requests of the owners.