Key CMI: A Different Style of HOA Management Company

Our Expectations Are To Exceed Your Expectations.

Exceed-ExpectationsWe understand that building effective relationships with board members begins with mutual trust, strong communication, long-term financial planning and to appreciate the value each board member contributes both in time and leadership.

To maintain a high service level requires a uniform process. The management company’s role is to define the mission and to have the staff implement it.  We have learned homeowners want consistent representation, knowledgeable answers to their questions and a timely response.


Our guiding principles are:

  • Transparency – We provide a secure system available through our bank for boards to see all financial transactions. We provide invoices before they are paid, a reasonable administrative fee structure and access to an outstanding vendor community for quotes.
  • Results – Results matter! The measures we use are focused on actions or activities that deliver resolution of all issues without charging unnecessary administrative fees.
  • Integrity – For us, we define this as the predictable, consistent, reliable fulfillment of our responsibilities in the absence of enforcement or even detection.
  • Innovation toward Excellence –We strive to constantly push the envelope past the benchmark for excellence in every dimension of our organization and work.
  • Finishing Well – We will provide every service we promise while maintaining an eternal perspective.