Community Association Banc makes it convenient for you to pay your assessments online.

Payment by E-Check is free. Payment by credit card is available using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Novus or American Express. You will be charged a $14.95 convenience fee for credit card transactions. Please carefully follow all instructions to ensure the proper processing of your payment.

Instructions for Paying Assessments Online

  1. Go to the Community Association Banc website: This will show up as Mutual of Omaha Bank.
  2. Choose “Pay by Online Bill Pay” or “Pay by Card” or “Pay by Mail”.  Credit card payments will include a $14.95 processing fee as noted on the website once you get to that point.  Echeck payments are free. The credit cards that are accepted are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Novus and American Express.
  3. It is helpful if you have your original bill with you so you can reference all of the information you will need.
  4. The codes you will need are:
    1. Company ID: 4505
    2. Association ID: This will be on the bottom of your bill. For example, “HAR” or “CR”. It will either be two or three characters in length.
    3. Account Number: This will be on the bottom of your bill. This will most likely be your address number and the initials of your street name.
  5. You will receive an email confirmation after you submit your request. Please note, you will also receive a second email to confirm whether or not your payment went through.
  6. Please contact our office at 704-321-1556 if you need assistance with this process.