What Our Customers Say

Lane Buckner

I spoke to Tim Sullivan after I returned to my community’s board because I
felt that it was time to review our management company and see if the time
was right for a change.

After the rest of the board met with Key Management, the decision was made
and so was the change. Since our community switched to Key Management
we’ve made a transition, not just in property management but in the way
the board works. Our team has become more proactive in planning our
community’s course for the future.

Key Management helped us gain a better understanding of how to use the
yearly budget and our reserves. In just a few years our community has seen
a financial change that has allowed us to complete some larger, more
costly projects without borrowing money or placing additional assessments
on owners in the community.

Key Management has been played a ‘key’ role in our success and our
communities future financial outlook.

Mary Alaimo

Thank you for the opportunity to write this letter of recommendation and
endorsement of Key Community Management, Inc.  My community consists of
181 single family homes,  Jennifer Bowen, our Community Agent,  has always
demonstrated professionalism and integrity, and is always available if a
homeowner or a Board member has questions.

Jennifer is hands on and can solve any problem that may arise, and Tim is
always available to answer questions.  I would highly recommend Key
Community Management if you are looking for a honest, hardworking
management company.

 DC Behringer

Skybrook is a community of over 1,100 mixed use homes located in the fast-growing Piedmont area 20 minutes from the bustle of Charlotte yet still on the edge of serenity

with ponds, parks, walking trails and acres of open spaces. 

This dynamic neighborhood is managed by Key Community Management and Janis Alsop is the dedicated company representative to Skybrook. 

The community itself has been growing rapidly since its inception and Key has grown with it as financial, safety, security, and social programs have evolved, expanded and spawned much activity.  Key’s hands on approach has been to work in lock step with the Board of Directors making sure all the pieces are working harmoniously to provide the end products we want.  Some examples:

  • Over $500,000 is received annually in resident dues and Key has a spotless record in the management and disbursement of the funds.  A recent wall-to-wall audit by a certified firm confirmed the preciseness and accuracy of their records.  And through Key’s firm control measures, Skybrook’s financial footing is solid and meeting all needs within the current budget.
  • Security and safety. With over 50 roads, streets and courts, with cars, kids on skateboards and walkers, we’ve had issues that required bringing in the police for consultation, i.e. speeding, vandalism and control approaches.  With Board members, Janis has met with the police and jointly developed plans to address the solutions.  Police presence has been subtly and smoothly integrated into the area and monitored closely by Janis.
  • Resident recreation. With community maturity, residents have become more involved with the leisure and recreation amenities that the HOA provides.  Whether upgrades to facilities such as soccer fields, assuring the parks are clean or just getting pot holes repaired, Janis and Key are on top of what is needed to keep the community alive and vibrant.

In sum, as Board of Directors recent past president (three years), Key Community Management has provided the support, cohesiveness and everyday management required and demanded by a large active community.

Arlene Smith

Key Community Management is one of the finest property management companies in the Charlotte area.  Tim and Cyndi Sullivan along with their dedicated staff are solution oriented, professional, caring people.   KCM demonstrates a consistent level of honor throughout all aspects of the services they provide.  I remember when our community was facing critical problems, Tim, and Cyndi, because of their many years of experience in the property management industry, gave us great counsel.   And Tim personally followed up with me to make sure I had all of the information we would need to make the best decisions.  After many years of recruiting for several fortune 500 companies, I understand how difficult it can be to gather the best talent for a department, team and/or company.  Key Community Management has strategically selected people who go beyond what is expected consequently creating a pleasant working experience for the communities they support and vendors.  I have enjoyed working closely with Cyndi Sullivan, she is very personable and knowledgeable.  I appreciate her commitment to smart growth….smart growth focuses on the client needs and not haphazardly hiring for numbers sake.  The company’s first focus is client based not company based.  “A company will never fail if they truly care about their clients first.”

Kameela Mason

My name is Kameela Mason and I am the Spring Park Secretary.  I have been working with Key Management for the past two years while in my position and they have provided reliable, quick, and efficient responses on all my questions and concerns related to the community.  The owner, Tim Sullivan has been a great asset to our community ensuring everyone is held accountable and informed of the HOA policies governed at Spring Park’s Community.  Key Management has also allowed us to partner with a great legal team and has a plethora of professional resources for our community to tap into when needed, ranging from legal experts, lawn care, and community outreach programs. Key Management is always present at our Board meetings and provides excellent advice with a calm demeanor and we look forward to our continued relationship with them going forward.

Diana Kennedy

“I have been working with Key Community Management for more than 10 years in the capacity of a paralegal  at a law office that represents many of their communities. From our perspective, their records that we view are extremely detailed and accurate, and their financial packages that the boards receive have all of the information a board should receive in detail. Key always makes sure to offer our corporate training classes to their boards, they advocate education of their boards so that the community can run efficiently.  They make volunteering easy for their boards.”

Toffee England

After changing community management companies a few years ago, we have seen a vast improvement in our neighborhood.  As a larger community, we needed a management company that could be more involved in our neighborhood.  Our community manager is hands on, knowledgeable and shows a commitment to our community’s success.

Stephen Crosby

Homeowners associations exist to assure a quality of life in a neighborhood and the maintenance of property values. I have served as a volunteer board member for the Villages of Wesley Chapel HOA for the past two years. It has been a pleasure to work with Key Community Management, in particular, Ms. Jennifer Bowen. Sometimes I think Ms. Bowen and I were separated at birth! I highly value people who keep their word, deliver on promises, communicate thoroughly and promptly, and address problems promptly as they arise. Ms. Bowen consistently delivers on all these qualities. I could not be more satisfied with her level of service to us. Tim Sullivan, the owner of Key Community Management, has also been readily available to us and engaged as needed, which, because of Jennifer’s thoroughness, is not very often! Having high quality, industry-knowledgeable individuals like Jennifer and Tim in Key Community Management representing us makes our job as volunteer board members a pleasure. I highly recommend Key Community Management for your property management needs.

Tanya Colon

Our HOA just recently signed on with Key Community Management. Since signing on with Key, our HOA has become much more organized and efficient due in part to the always prompt response from Jennifer, our community representative. She is very knowledgeable, friendly and personable. There are many things that impress us about Key but I will list a few, which are the comprehensive and detailed website Key has and has also built for us; the knowledge of HOA laws where they concern our CCRs and Bylaws; the relationships they have with our vendors; and the professional and prompt response to our residents, board and vendors. We are very happy with Key!!!