This section provides more detail on some of the specific staff and processes that support our transparent approach in financial management, covenant clarification, bill processing accountability, etc. These processes facilitate our high retention rate, positive community feedback and quality service while reducing administrative costs.Different to make a Difference

Legal Resources Department: Diana Kennedy is Director of our Legal Resources Department which encompasses manager training and serving as the liaison with local law firms regarding legal matter including collections. Based on her experience and training she also assists with board training sessions regarding the many aspects of serving on a community board.

Client Services: Customer service is our number one priority. We want questions or concerns to be resolved quickly and accurately. Most questions are answered by our Client Relations Department, however our management teams  are always ready to help community members.

Violation Resolution: Owner communication is a priority. If a violation of the CCRs takes place, we assist owners by including a resolution guideline with our violation letters that provides feedback on how to resolve the issue. This process speeds up resolution and reduces administrative costs. Our goal is to use a community-friendly way of speeding up the resolution to any potential issues that exist.

Accounting: Our accounting department works hand in hand with our management teams to  provide quick and accurate transaction information or clarification.