We have determined after 14 plus years in the HOA management business, board members are often not receiving information they request or projects aren’t completed by their community manager. Sometimes the response is either not helpful or contrary to the governing documents and state statutes. It appears management companies have become so large, the community manager does not have the training and support needed to accomplish the community goals or they are so busy, causing service to suffer.

What We Believe

We believe success is far simpler to achieve by being proactive rather than reactive. We train our community managers to have this approach, as well as board members. We believe it is important for board members to have a community management plan, which is developed in the first quarter of each year, and for the management company to execute that plan. We do not wait for board members to request action items. We solicit their feedback, forecast the budget and see that projects are completed on time and within budget. This includes the five types of maintenance which are routine, preventative, emergency services, requested and reserve replacement.

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