At Key Community Management our mission is to unlock the potential in your investment. Making a difference means providing high quality association management to communities, which includes our relentless pursuit of customer service. Providing better service starts with you—we know community management involves a complex system of moving parts, from event organization to violations enforcement. Key is here to help take the weight off your shoulders. With our skilled team and superior technology, you’re in the right hands with Key.

We know board members would like to see the difference between management cultures before interviewing a new management company. Key Community Management is focused on providing individualized service to each of our client community’s vs department management used by other companies.

Below is a short list of what makes Key different from other management companies.

Key Community Management

  • Our property manager is your main contact for questions concerning ARC forms, violation issues, maintenance issues and accounting
  • Our managers control the violation process
  • We staff our 24-hr. emergency line
  • We staff a legal resources department
  • Treasurer reviews/approves all invoices
  • We store invoices for 7 years in cloud
  • Our managers service 8-12 communities
  • Questions are answered by client services.
  • Manager responsible for communicating account balance 
  • Annual board training at no charge

Current Management Company

  • Owners are directed to email various departments for answers, such as, and
  • Site inspections are processed by a third party
  • Emergency calls go to a call center
  • All legal concerns are attorney-directed
  • No oversight on invoice payment
  • Invoices have limited storage
  • Managers service 15-20 communities
  • Questions are directed to voice mail
  • Payment inquiries controlled by accounting 
  • Limited board training, if any

These are important comparisons because these decisions directly affect the moral of a community. Managers and boards that are trained and informed are the Key to success!