HOA Beat Podcast

Over the years, Key created a number of podcasts called the HOA Beat. Former owner  Cyndi Sullivan coordinated the content and guest speakers and is the smiling face in front of the camera. The HOA Beat was created to help community members process governing document issues while building community. Listed below are a few of our informative podcasts:

►    Association contracts should benefit and protect your community

►    The association collection process

►    Leasing a home in an association

►    Should an association board authorize a community Facebook page?



We have also put together a number of blog articles which we feel will help owners and board members overcome reoccurring questions. Please visit our website at keycmi.com and click on the blog link to see more articles including the ones listed below:

►    Are sellers required to pay a transfer fee?

►    Is your association management company too large?

►    Consistent enforcement of governing documents produce a higher rate of compliance.

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