Who We Help At Key CMI

Who We Help At Key CMIAt Key Community Management, we are able to customize our services based on what your community needs right now. We offer full-service HOA management as well as financial management only. Some clients have asked for services somewhere between the two. Some communities have started out with financial management, and later decided to increase their contract to include all of the services we offer. Our goal is to be the resource your association needs to help your community thrive.

If you are seeking a community management professional, you are probably in one of these categories:


New homeowners associations under construction – we can assist you in every aspect of creating a new HOA including working with a law firm to create and record the required governing documents, establishing an initial budget for the association, communicating with potential buyers and new buyers, establishing an advisory committee until the association is turned over to the community, and making sure the transition from the developer to the homeowners is a smooth one.

Self-managing Homeowners Association

Board members who would like to be relieved of the burden of managing every aspect of their community by hiring an association management company.

Homeowners Association Currently Managed by a Management Company

Board members who are not satisfied with their current management company experience and are seeking a higher level of service and a more cost-effective long-term relationship with their management company